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Successful BTL communication means the increasing integration of measures and communication channels. The individual measures taken have to fulfill the primary goal, should ideally strengthen the core idea - coherent to classical communication – but should above all be doable.
This requires much know-how and many different types of specialists and
leads to high fixed costs.

In the spirit of lean-business promotion union dispenses
with a cost-intensive, fixed personnel structure.

According to the needs, promotion union makes use of its trusted network of specialists, which has grown over the years. All this is put together specifically for the client i.e. project, whereby promotion union functions not as a lead agency but rather as a transformer i.e. partner.

promotion union thereby offers high competence and efficient execution.
As a result of limited budgets coupled with growing needs (integrated communication), the management of brands today requires a new approach to promotion.

The situation: high demands - limited budget
The answer: high competence density - lean business-
efficient execution – success measurement

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